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ePrepare® by CSC is the leading electronic document recording (eRecording) solution on the market today. Our web-based application cuts the recording process time down to seconds.

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Reduce cost

ePrepare reduces your costs related to labor, postage, courier services, and materials—and it eliminates fee payment errors that lead to overpayment and recording delays.

Save time

eRecording with CSC shortens time between closing and recordation, eliminates errors that cause rejections, and improves document tracking for more efficiency.

Record securely

CSC's secure technology solutions are ISO 27001-certified and Service Organization Control (SOC)-audited, and we are actively involved with key industry associations to ensure that our platform is compliant with World Wide Web Consortium and industry-specific standards set by organizations like PRIA, ALTA, MBA, MISMO, and ESRA.


Subscribers can submit and record real estate documents with county recording offices throughout CSC's network, which captures more than 90% of the U.S. population.

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Models of eRecording

CSC works directly with title production, loan origination and service, and default and foreclosure software vendors. Our partnerships with these organizations create efficiencies and streamline internal workflows for submitters, as well as automate many of their post-closing activities and recording fee reconciliation processes. Document submitters can electronically submit and record real estate documents at all levels of recording.

Level 1

Level 1 eRecording was an original model for electronic document recording and is an electronic extension of the traditional paper-based recording process. The submitter scans and uploads the executed document, and then an electronic image is transmitted through CSC to the recording office.

Level 2

Level 2 eRecording is today's most used model for electronic document recording. Like the Level 1 model, an executed image file is submitted, as well a data file that includes additional indexing information (e.g., document type, party names, etc.) necessary for recording. This additional data provides the recording jurisdictions new efficiencies which can include faster processing times and automated data and image importing to a searchable index.

Level 3

Level 3 eRecording enables submitters—including banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions—to electronically prepare, execute, and submit documents to counties for recording with our paperless solution. Submitters can prepare digital lien release and assignment document templates and use our digitized signing and notarization tools to execute the document before submission for recording. Once recorded, data and documents are transmitted back to the submitter's account via ePrepare. Level 3 eRecording provides submitters with a fully electronic process for document preparation, signing and notary acknowledgment, and recordation.


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