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ePrepare® by CSC is the leading electronic document recording (eRecording) solution on the market today. Our web-based application cuts the recording process time down to seconds.

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Reduce cost

ePrepare reduces your costs related to labor, postage, courier services, and materials—and it eliminates fee payment errors that lead to overpayment and recording delays.

Save time

eRecording with CSC shortens time between closing and recordation, eliminates errors that cause rejections, and improves document tracking for more efficiency.

Record securely

CSC's secure technology solutions are ISO 27001-certified and Service Organization Control (SOC)-audited, and we are actively involved with key industry associations to ensure that our platform is compliant with World Wide Web Consortium and industry-specific standards set by organizations like PRIA, ALTA, MBA, MISMO, and ESRA.


Subscribers can submit and record real estate documents with county recording offices throughout CSC's network, which captures more than 90% of the U.S. population.

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Models of eRecording

CSC works directly with title production, loan origination and service, and default and foreclosure software vendors. Our partnerships with these organizations create efficiencies and streamline internal workflows for submitters, as well as automate many of their post-closing activities and recording fee reconciliation processes. Document submitters can electronically submit and record real estate documents at all levels of recording.

Level 1

Level 1 eRecording was an original model for electronic document recording and is an electronic extension of the traditional paper-based recording process. The submitter scans and uploads the executed document, and then an electronic image is transmitted through CSC to the recording office.

Level 2

Level 2 eRecording is today's most used model for electronic document recording. Like the Level 1 model, an executed image file is submitted, as well a data file that includes additional indexing information (e.g., document type, party names, etc.) necessary for recording. This additional data provides the recording jurisdictions new efficiencies which can include faster processing times and automated data and image importing to a searchable index.

Level 3

Level 3 eRecording enables submitters—including banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions—to electronically prepare, execute, and submit documents to counties for recording with our paperless solution. Submitters can prepare digital lien release and assignment document templates and use our digitized signing and notarization tools to execute the document before submission for recording. Once recorded, data and documents are transmitted back to the submitter's account via ePrepare. Level 3 eRecording provides submitters with a fully electronic process for document preparation, signing and notary acknowledgment, and recordation.


Solutions for submitters

Start electronically preparing docs with eRecord.

Solutions for recorders

Start electronically receiving documents with eRecord.


CSC assigns each recording office unique login credentials (multiple logins per office available), then CSC’s secure application electronically routes deeds and associated documents to each appropriate office (as required by the county) for reviews and approvals. If documents are rejected, a recording office can apply a rejection reason before passing it along to the next office. The county returns documents to the submitter with approval or rejection history.

CSC’s web-based platform, ePrepare®, allows you to electronically generate lien release and assignment documents, fully eliminating paper from the process--also allowing you to employ digital signatures and digital notary acknowledgements to execute documents, then route them automatically to the county for review and recordation. Recorded images and recording data are transmitted back to your account—providing immediate notifications, a detailed recording log, and on-demand reporting—right within the platform.

In a fully electronic recording environment (the availability of which varies by jurisdiction), valid signatures and notary seals are electronically applied. Documents no longer need to be shuffled back and forth between physical offices, which means shorter wait times and the reduced likelihood that documents will go unnoticed, get lost, or fall into the wrong hands. Our application does not have electronic signing tools for documents prepared outside the CSC service system.

CSC will pay the exact amount of jurisdiction fees up front so submitted documents are recorded as soon as possible, eliminating rejections due to miscalculated fees. In turn, the document submitter pays CSC. There are two payment options available including ACH debiting and a pre-funded account.

For ACH debit:

Set up your account at with one or multiple accounts. Then, automatic withdrawals from your preferred bank account(s) will be processed. Each night, you’ll receive a detailed report of all transactions from that day, as well as recording fee totals. CSC bills county fees daily.

For a pre-funded account (ePay draw account):

For this option, you send CSC’s Accounting department a lump sum through wire or by check, then funds are deducted as needed. CSC keeps the funds in a secure bank account that you must replenish as necessary based on the balance report accessible in ePrepare. If for any reason you need to withdraw your funds, contact our Accounting department, and we’ll send the funds back to you.

A recording manifest is prepared by CSC customers who wish to use CSC’s full-service recording solutions. Since many recording jurisdictions still only accept paper documents (no eRecording), a manifest is prepared to contain information about each order, ensuring all documents are processed efficiently. The completed manifest can be uploaded into CSC’s system, and subsequently, an accurate transmittal sheet can then be printed. The transmittal sheet contains a reference to all order details from the manifest—making it easier to track all order requests and status updates. All paper document packages shipped to CSC should be accompanied by a transmittal sheet.

CSC’s Property Search service provides immediate access to valuable public record information including property ownership names, parcel identification numbers, legal descriptions, and current liens. Rather than dealing with multiple vendors or various jurisdiction websites, CSC’s Property Search services can be a single source to obtain the information you need in the form of detailed or summary reports. Images of recently recorded transfer (deed) and finance (security instruments) documents are also able to be retrieved and printed. Simply enter the property address information and access a variety of reports.

Our Detailed Reports feature provides a wide range of information about a property, including: APN and PIN – HOA information (if available), a full legal description and recorded document images (if available), full legal vesting information (borrowers’ within the report for additional fee or legal names), last market sale details (sale date, price), and other property characteristics. Reports are generated immediately.

Summary Reports provide a synopsis of the above listed information.

A Tax Status Report indicates if taxes are current and includes the paid date and amount.

Yes. This search enables you to obtain images including last transfer document (e.g., deed), last finance document (e.g., mortgage or deed of trust), and images of other recorded instruments. To get a copy of a recorded mortgage, deed, or other recorded document, sign into your account after setting it up with our representatives to see your documents. Click here to sign in.

This service provides the ability to obtain an image of recorded maps of a given property.

eRecording helps get the document into the public record as quickly as possible. Each recording jurisdiction is unique, but most of them process and record electronic submissions same day.

Fees vary by jurisdiction, document type, number of pages, and taxes on the transaction. With CSC eRecording, the calculation is built into the process, so you’ll get it right the first time.

To get started using eRecording, all you need is an internet connection, a PC, and a printer scanner. It only takes around 24 hours to get an account fully set up. Contact us to get started.

Use this link to see if we record in your county.

eRecording is a subscription-based service with charges per document. To find out more, please contact us.

A CSC representative can assist you with this. Contact our Support Team at 855-200-1150 (press 2) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Yes, eRecording is secure. CSC implements the strictest security standards in the industry. All CSC applications and data are maintained in world-class, ISO 27001-certified hosting facilities and independent third-party auditors perform SOC 2 Type II assessments annually. Within ePrepare, permission controls and a complete audit log with date and time-stamps also ensure you can closely manage access and have full transparency to the activity within your eRecording account.

Yes, optical character recognition (OCR) can be used within ePrepare. This tool helps document submitters avoid errors when entering party names, legal descriptions, or other required indexing fields that are text heavy.

Where the jurisdiction requires it, yes. Supporting documents are needed.

Contact us to request a demo.

We provide paper recording services for those counties that have not implemented an eRecording process. CSC will receive unrecorded documents, provide confirmation of receipt, scan documents into our web-based Document Center or eRecord®, examine documents for jurisdiction acceptance (margin requirements, PIN placement, etc.), prepare accompanying cover letters and forms, upload recorded documents into eRecord or Document Center for review, calculate recording fees, advance them on your behalf, and return the paper documents back to you or shred them on site, based on your preference. We do it all! You save time, costs, and headaches.

Unfortunately, we are not able to support private party, individual user, or single transaction accounts.

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