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CSC's eRecord solution for county officials eliminates paper from the recording process and automates the receipt, endorsement, fee payment, and return of electronic documents.

eRecord works in conjunction with existing county Land Records Management Systems (LRMS) and adapts easily to recording requirements, business rules, fee structures, and state legislation required for each jurisdiction. It also eliminates hassles and enhances customer service for your constituents.

If you don't have a LRMS, are not utilizing your LRMS recording module or have your own in-house software, no problem - we will provide you with the necessary software which is a secure, web-based solution that enables recording offices to receive, review, record or reject, and return documents electronically. It's the ideal solution for recording offices that use a legacy application or software, or don't have an eRecording module with their LRMS.

eRecord makes it easy for recording offices to:

  • Balance workload, and use limited resources and personnel more efficiently

  • Accurate payment that reduces the need for rejections

  • Reduce the need for document scanning and mailing

  • Process documents at multiple workstations, any time of day

  • Reduce overall operating costs, because manual intervention is simply not required

  • Most importantly, provide the best-possible service to county recording constituents

How eRecord works

After receiving documents and a validation review, eRecord processes each document according to established business rules in each recording office. Endorsement, receipt and recording information are electronically stamped in the documents, along with the recorder's digital signature. Documents are then returned to the submitter electronically as officially recorded documents.

The entire process is focused and secure, eliminating the need for multiple and repeat queries, long wait times, and the bulk and inconvenience of paper documents. With eRecord, offices can reduce costs, increase productivity, ensure security, and improve document tracking.

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