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CSC offers the leading electronic document recording (eRecording) solution on the market today. Our system reduces processing costs and time to record while improving the security of your recording data.

Our eRecording solution uses an open platform technology that integrates easily with your existing system (or internal platform). When fully integrated, the eRecording process takes only seconds to complete.

CSC works directly with title, loan origination system, and foreclosure and default software vendors. Our partnerships with these organizations create efficiencies and streamline internal workflows for submitters, as well as automate many of their post-closing activities. We also work directly with county recorders and their recording software vendors.

eRecording benefits

  • Reduces errors and rejections
  • Ensures secure delivery and receipt of documents
  • Shortens the time between closing and recordation
  • Reduces cost of labor, postage, courier services, and materials
  • Eliminates fee payment errors
  • Improves document tracking
  • Recorded documents are returned, ready for electronic storage

The CSC eRecording Team is actively involved with PRIA and MISMO to ensure that our platform is compliant with existing and emerging standards. CSC also supports general industry standards, such as those from the World Wide Web Consortium and industry-specific organizations like ALTA, MBA, iGO, ESRA, and REFSMO. Our security and operations procedures have been audited and accepted by all of the largest financial institutions in the U.S.

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