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Electronic recording (eRecording) with CSC will help you improve efficiencies while reducing risk of document loss, delayed recording, and tampering.

eRecording actually makes it easier for submitters to comply with the various statutory, and local jurisdictional recording requirements. Advances in technology allow eRecording to provide additional security compared to traditional recording methods, ensuring that submitters retain possession of the physical document during the entire process.

With eRecording, the handoffs between the submitter, the eRecording delivery service, and the recording jurisdiction are secure, can be controlled, and are available for audit. Encryption and digital wrapping technology ensure that third parties cannot access, intercept, or change documents in transit. What’s more, each event is date- and time-stamped for a complete audit trail. Each step in the process can be verified.

Furthermore, CSC eRecording reduces the title insurance gap that exists between the closing and the recording of real estate documents. It also ensures the ability of the lender to secure first lien position due to the faster recording times. In most cases, CSC eRecording provides same day recordation, thereby, reducing the risk for the title company and lender involved in the transaction.

eRecording offers submitters and recorders a more convenient, more controlled, faster process for recording real estate documents in the public record.

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