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eRecording for County Recorders

CSC's eRecord® solution for county officials eliminates paper from the recording process and automates the receipt, endorsement, fee payment, and return of electronic documents.

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eRecord works in conjunction with existing county Land Records Management Systems (LRMS) and adapts easily to recording requirements, business rules, fee structures, and state legislation required for each jurisdiction. It also eliminates hassles and enhances customer service for your constituents.

If you don't have an LRMS, are not using your LRMS recording module, or have your own in-house software, no problem—we’ll provide you with the necessary software which is a secure, web-based solution that enables recording offices to receive, review, record or reject, and return documents electronically. It's the ideal solution for recording offices that use a legacy application or software, or don't have an eRecording module with their LRMS.


Subscribers can submit and record real estate documents with county recording offices throughout CSC's network, which captures more than 90% of the U.S. population.

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CSC assigns each recording office unique login credentials (multiple logins per office available), then CSC’s secure application electronically routes deeds and associated documents to each appropriate office (as required by the county) for reviews and approvals. If documents are rejected, a recording office can apply a rejection reason before passing it along to the next office. The county returns documents to the submitter with approval or rejection history.

CSC’s web-based platform, ePrepare®, allows you to electronically generate lien release and assignment documents, fully eliminating paper from the process--also allowing you to employ digital signatures and digital notary acknowledgements to execute documents, then route them automatically to the county for review and recordation. Recorded images and recording data are transmitted back to your account—providing immediate notifications, a detailed recording log, and on-demand reporting—right within the platform.

In a fully electronic recording environment (the availability of which varies by jurisdiction), valid signatures and notary seals are electronically applied. Documents no longer need to be shuffled back and forth between physical offices, which means shorter wait times and the reduced likelihood that documents will go unnoticed, get lost, or fall into the wrong hands. Our application does not have electronic signing tools for documents prepared outside the CSC service system.

CSC will pay the exact amount of jurisdiction fees up front so submitted documents are recorded as soon as possible, eliminating rejections due to miscalculated fees. In turn, the document submitter pays CSC. There are two payment options available including ACH debiting and a pre-funded account.

For ACH debit:

Set up your account at with one or multiple accounts. Then, automatic withdrawals from your preferred bank account(s) will be processed. Each night, you’ll receive a detailed report of all transactions from that day, as well as recording fee totals. CSC bills county fees daily.

For a pre-funded account (ePay draw account):

For this option, you send CSC’s Accounting department a lump sum through wire or by check, then funds are deducted as needed. CSC keeps the funds in a secure bank account that you must replenish as necessary based on the balance report accessible in ePrepare. If for any reason you need to withdraw your funds, contact our Accounting department, and we’ll send the funds back to you.

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