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ePrepare is CSC’s electronic recording (eRecording) application that seamlessly connects document submitters to county recorders offering the electronic delivery of documents that need to be put in public record. Our solution integrates with your existing loan servicing, title, escrow, document management, and recording applications, adapting to virtually any system. ePrepare also works in conjunction with existing county recording systems and complies with their document standards.

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Contact one of our eRecording representatives by phone, (855) 200-1150, or email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to learn more about the nation's largest eRecording network.

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CSC® provides eRecording solutions that establish an electronic bridge between submitters of real estate documents and county offices, enabling documents to be prepared, submitted, recorded/rejected, indexed and returned quickly, efficiently and electronically.

CSC also offers paper-based recording services in counties that do not yet accept electronic documents. Whether it’s paper or electronic, CSC can record it.

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CSC’s iRecord works in conjunction with existing county Land Records Management Systems (LRMS) and adapts easily to recording requirements, business rules, fee structures, and state legislation required for each jurisdiction.

If you don’t have a LRMS, are not utilizing your LRMS recording module or have your own in-house software, no problem - we will provide you with the necessary software which is a secure, web-based solution that enables recording offices to receive, review, record or reject, and return documents electronically. It’s the ideal solution for recording offices that use a legacy application or software, or don’t have an eRecording module with their LRMS.