Why counties prefer CSC as an eRecording vendor

  • More submitters: Seven of the nation’s top 10 mortgage servicers use CSC.
  • More options: CSC processes both paper and electronic Recordings.
  • More stability: CSC has a century’s worth of financial strength & stability.
  • Better payment options: CSC’s electronic pay system, ePay, ensures accurate, secure and timely payment of fees each day, including daily reconciliation.
  • Faster service: Our faster .NET framework is easier to integrate with your current business processes.
  • Better tools: CSC provides superior image-correction tools.
  • Proven security: CSC has passed audits by the nation’s largest financial institutions and has successfully completed the SSAE Type II audit.
  • Increased productivity: CSC counties report large gains in staff productivity. Some high-volume counties report a 75% increase in documents processed per worker.
  • Lower rejection rates: CSC’s rejection rate is 0.89%. Most counties reject 5-10% of the documents they receive.
  • Consistent notarization: Our eRecording system requires correct and consistent application of the notary signature and seal.
  • Improved accuracy: Our system prompts submitters for county-required data and performs data checks to reduce input errors.
  • Flexible indexing: Documents can be delivered with full indexing, partial indexing, or no indexing, depending on your needs. Our accurate index information will reduce the time you spend reviewing documents. (It doesn’t add to your work, as is the case with most other providers.)
  • Active compliance: CSC is actively involved with the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) to ensure adherence with industry standards.
  • Government to Government documents: Routing to Auditor, Assessor and/or Treasurer/FTB & IRS Documents CSC electronically routes documents to and from recipients and handles FTB, IRS and other government documents for eRecording.

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