Web-based reports for county recorders and clerks

You can view your eRecording reports online at any time! Whether a transaction took place last week or last year, finding it and viewing it is easy with our flexible, web-based reporting tools.

Just log in to www.eRecording.com/portal to view the details of your recordings in the following easy-to-read formats:

  • Package Review Report details the day, month, and year and lists the name of the submitting company, the submitted package, and the package status for any date range.
  • Financial Report highlights the recordation number, instrument type, recorded date, fee account, fee description, submitter, and amount for a single day or any date range.
  • Submitters Report provides details (including contact information) about all current submitters, along with a view of those who have submitted in the past.

Please note: CSC will continue to send you daily transaction reports at the end of each business day.

Forgot your password?

  1. Go to www.eRecording.com/portal
  2. Click Forgot Password and enter the appropriate data.
  3. Remember: The domain is your county and state abbreviation with no space or comma. For example, the domain for Orange County CA would be orangeca
  4. If the system responds, The username or password is incorrect, contact us and we’ll get you set up!

Forgot your username? Have questions?

Please contact our county support team for assistance: