Learn more about CSC

For more than 120 years, CSC has provided due diligence and transaction solutions to the world’s largest financial institutions, corporations, and law firms. We have led the electronic document recording industry since its inception, and CSC’s acquisition of Ingeo Systems enables us to eRecord in counties across the United States.

Our history

In 1899, Josiah Marvel and Christopher Ward, two leading figures of the Delaware legal community, founded separate firms to provide entity formation and statutory representation services to businesses. Two decades later, they joined forces to create CSC.

By the end of the 20th century, CSC had grown organically and through multiple acquisitions to become a world leader for business, legal, and financial services.

Today, CSC has employees worldwide and serves the world’s largest corporations, law firms and financial institutions. No other company offers our unique range of solutions. We provide tools that can help your office carry out its many functions more accurately and with less risk.

Our eRecording division

Formerly known as Ingeo Systems, our eRecording division was the first to market with electronic document recording in the U.S. CSC was recognized by the 2012 Mortgage Technology Awards for our positive impact on the mortgage industry.

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