What will you do with your extra paper?

contest-header-2Corporation Service Company (CSC) has issued a challenge. We want to know: what will you do with your extra paper after eRecording?

If you haven’t started eRecording real estate documents, it’s time to start. Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Document eRecording to learn more.

Already eRecording? Then you know how eRecording reduces checks, envelopes, copies, cover sheets and more. Do something creative with that extra paper!

Show us what you’ll do with your extra paper. You could win an Apple iPad another paper reducer!

Need some inspiration to get you started? Check out our tutorial on how to make an origami crane.

You could create 3D paper portraitscreate an entire building out of paper, or give a (very lightweight) bird a home.

Be creative! Take a photo of your masterpiece and send it to us. We’ll announce the winning entrant in April 2014 and post their handiwork on our site.

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Please note that your image file should not be more than 1MB in size.

That’s it! Make something out of paper today, take a photo, and submit it to us for a chance to win!