About CSC

CSC provides a secure, web-based electronic document recording (eRecording) solution that allows document submitters such as title companies, law firms and financial institutions to eRecord real estate documents with county recording offices throughout the U.S.

eRecording Process
The eRecording Process

CSC also offers paper-based recording services in counties that do not yet accept electronic documents, making us the industry’s only direct provider of a total recording solution. Whether it’s paper or electronic, CSC can record it.

Recording offices also trust CSC for fast and secure receipt and recordation of real estate records. If you use a Land Records Management System (LRMS), we will work with your current vendor to connect our service to theirs. Little to no time is required from your staff, and there is no cost to begin eRecording.

Formerly known as Ingeo Systems, our eRecording division pioneered electronic document recording in the U.S. CSC was recognized by the 2012 Mortgage Technology Awards for our positive impact on the mortgage industry, and we have provided business solutions to the legal, corporate and financial communities for more than 110 years.

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