Cost Benefits


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Cost Benefits

eRecording reduces time and expense:

  • Delivery: no need for postage, courier charges and related materials and labor
  • Materials: no need for paper, envelopes, printer cartridges and toner
  • Checks: CSC’s ePay system processes county fee payments electronically, saving you the cost of preparing, signing and document-matching checks
  • Costly errors: CSC provides real-time data error warnings as you enter data
  • Late fines and penalties: CSC eRecording shaves days from turnaround times
  • Document rejections: receive, correct, and re-submit rejected documents in seconds, versus days with paper
  • Signing and notarizing lien releases: sign and notarize up to 100 documents at a time
  • Storage: CSC securely stores your eRecorded documents online

CSC eRecording is efficient, fast and secure:

  • One employee handles the eRecording process, versus several in the paper-based process.
  • The lag time from document preparation (or loan closing) to recordation is significantly reduced.
  • Documents never leave the building. Eliminates the risk of documents “lost, damaged or corrupted in transit.”
  • The CSC system is secure; data is encrypted; documents are tamper-proof sealed.
  • CSC provides a low cost web-based solution. Easy to implement. Simple and efficient to use.
  • Fully integrated solutions are available.