1. Accept eRecording from all vendors
  2. Provide the eRecording vendor(s) a list of submitters that would benefit from learning about the process
  3. Show your submitters that the surrounding counties are eRecording, it’s growing and here to stay
  4. Provide a list of the benefits of eRecording to your submitters (available from CSC)
  5. Feature eRecording FAQs on your county website
  6. Place a customized educational video promoting eRecording on your website (available from CSC)
  7. Hold educational seminars for your submitters (“lunch & learns”)
  8. Issue a press release when you launch eRecording and another later in the year updating your constituents on the savings eRecording has brought to the county
  9. Insert eRecording educational cards in every package you return containing documents submitted on paper
  10. Ensure your walk-in customers are aware of eRecording; place a banner and counter cards in your office

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