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The eRecording Solution

Every day, more counties join the CSC eRecording Network. By doing so, they:

  • Cut costs
  • Reduce errors and rejections
  • Streamline their recording processes

When a recent nationwide survey asked county recorders, “What technology has benefitted your recording process most in the past year?” eRecording was the top response.

Watch our video below and find out how eRecording with CSC can benefit you:

Benefits of eRecording with CSC:

  • Correct fees submitted: CSC's electronic pay system, ePay®, ensures accurate, secure and timely payment of fees, including daily reconciliation.
  • Accuracy: CSC's system prompts submitters for county-required data and performs data checks to reduce input errors
  • Lowest rejection rates: CSC's rejection rate is 0.89%. Most counties reject 5-10% of the documents they receive.
  • High quality, legible documents: CSC's fully electronic Level 3 documents are the uniform documents preferred by counties. (Level 2 Image documents also supported.) CSC's superior technology renders high-quality, legible documents. Rejections due to illegibility are rare.
  • Valid notarization: CSC's eRecording System requires correct and consistent application of the notary signature and seal.
  • Increased volumes and staff productivity: CSC counties report large gains in staff productivity. Some large-volume counties report 75% increases in documents processed per worker. The CSC system automates document indexing.
  • Government-to-government documents: CSC can electronically route FTB, IRS and other government documents.

CSC eRecording is fast, inexpensive and easy to set up, whether you choose our simple web-service interface or a complete LRMS integration.

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