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Trustee Service

Many states require a trustee's signature for recording of real estate documents. By offering a convenient, single point for routing and approval, CSC's Trustee Service streamlines your workflow and significantly reduces errors and rejections.

CSC’s Trustee Service can save you time and money and expands the number of states and counties where our eRecording services may be used.

How the service works

  • CSC contracts with legally authorized trustee agencies to execute documents and act as trustee in each given jurisdiction.
  • Documents created and executed by CSC submitters are automatically routed to the trustee or agent.
  • Using a secure log-in to access the CSC system, the trustee/agent reviews the document, verifies the submitter's signature and notarization, and signs off electronically as the trustee on behalf of the submitter.
  • Once reviewed, approved, and signed by the trustee, CSC's system automatically routes the document to the appropriate county agency for recording.

In those states that require multiple signatures and documents, CSC's Trustee Service seamlessly bundles documents as part of our electronic document recording solution.You’ll enjoy these advantages and more:

  • Single interface
  • Streamlined process
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Fewer errors and rejections
  • Elimination of paper, postage and courier costs
  • Automated and accurate payment of county fees
  • Secure transport of documents to and from the county

What’s more, CSC provides its Trustee Service at a fraction of the cost of other providers in the marketplace, making it an unbeatable value.