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iRecord for County Recorders

iRecord™ is a secure, web-based application that enables counties to receive, review, record/reject, and return documents electronically. iRecord helps county recording offices reduce costs, increase productivity, ensure security, and improve tracking.

Because it can be used in a stand-alone fashion or interfaced with a county's existing system, iRecord is easily installed in any county recording office—regardless of size, budget, or technological limitations. Additional hardware and software aren't required—all you need to get started are a PC and an Internet connection.

iRecord advantages

  • Cost savings: eliminate paper handling, postage, materials, and labor costs
  • Time Savings: documents are transported to and from counties in seconds
  • 100% Security: never lose control of documents
  • Improved staff productivity: process more documents in less time
  • Fewer document rejections: and more efficient handling when rejections do occur
  • 100% document security: documents are never lost, damaged, or altered in transit
  • Improved tracking of documents: all documents are fully tracked and organized
  • Eco-friendly business process: significantly reduces consumption of paper and fuel

Easy to set up and simple to use

All we need to get you started with iRecord is:

  • A list of the document types accepted for electronic submission and any indexing requirements
  • A few samples of your recording stamp, indicating your recording stamp specifications
  • Your recording fee schedule
  • ACH credit authorization to enable CSC to process payment of recording fees

iRecord is Perfect For:

  • Counties with no land records management system
  • Counties with a homegrown or proprietary land records system
  • Counties with systems that lack an electronic document recording (eRecording) module
  • Counties with budget constraints