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Electronic Recording System

CSC's Electronic Recording (eRecording) system is a web-based application that automates the creation, authorization, validation, and distribution of recorded digital land records. Our system incorporates the latest data-security technologies, including digital signatures, Public Key Infrastructure, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The result is a highly secure exchange of documents, connecting business with government. The The land records Electronic Recording System helps with two main actions:

  • electronically preparing documents with ePrepare for submitters, and
  • electronically recording documents with eRecord and iRecord for county recorders.

  • ePreparing solutions for submitters

    ePrepareĀ® is CSC's electronic document preparation application. It allows lenders, title companies, attorneys, and individuals to digitally record their documents. Customizable templates ensure full compliance with each county recording office for significantly reduced document rejections. The process is simple: you fill in the blanks of a template, then digitally sign and notarize the document and submit it electronically. There is no paper, no need for couriers. In seconds, the document is safe at the county recording office, ready for processing.

  • eRecording solutions for recorders

    eRecordĀ® is the electronic document recording component of the CSC Electronic Recording System designed for recorders, clerks, and registers of deeds. eRecord receives incoming electronic documents from ePrepare (or other electronic document preparation applications) and places them in a queue. Each document is then analyzed based on customizable recording criteria. Documents are received, examined, and processed electronically, giving counties virtually unlimited document-handling capacity.

    iRecordĀ® is a secure, web-based application that enables counties to receive, review, record/reject, and return documents electronically. iRecord helps county recording offices reduce costs, increase productivity, ensure security, and improve tracking.