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eRecord for County Recorders

CSC's eRecord system eliminates paper from the recording process and automates the endorsement, receipt and return of electronic documents. eRecord works in conjunction with existing county recording systems and adapts easily to recording requirements, business rules, fee structures and state legislation required for each jurisdiction. eRecord eliminates hassles and enhances customer service while complying with the most current legal standards.

How eRecord works

eRecord receives documents and, after a validation review, processes each document according to established business rules in each recording office. Endorsement and receipt information is electronically embedded in the documents, along with the recorder’s digital signature. Documents are then returned to the submitter electronically as officially recorded documents.

eRecord advantages

  • High-level security: eRecord functions at the highest level of security. CSC's products have operated flawlessly for years and are continually audited by our customers and outside agencies.
  • High-quality performance: CSC ensures that data is complete, fees are calculated accurately, indexing is applied correctly, and legal descriptions are exact. The result? The industry’s lowest rejection rate, averaging less than 0.2%.
  • Cost savings: CSC processes tens of thousands of documents each month. Thanks to increasing volumes, CSC continues to reduce its unit cost, passing savings on to our customers.
  • Partnerships with county back-end providers: By integrating with nearly all the major county recording system vendors, CSC has improved the quality of electronic recording nationwide.
  • Compliance with industry standards: CSC warrants that our system fully complies with all industry standards, including W3C and the National Notary Association, in addition to industry-specific organizations such as MBA, NACRC, IACREOT and REFSMO. Also, CSC affirms that our documents are based on the PRIA and MISMO XML standards. CSC offers complete compliance, both legally and technically.

The benefits of eRecord are clear

eRecord allows recording offices to use their limited resources and personnel more efficiently. eRecord balances workloads and reduces the need for document scanning and mailing. Manual intervention is simply not required, meaning that overall operating costs are reduced. Documents can be processed at multiple workstations at any time of day. Most important, eRecord allows county recorders to provide the best-possible service to their customers.