Product Overview


Product Overview
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eRecording Products Overview

CSC's electronic document recording system offers tools designed specifically for submitters and recorders: ePrepare for submitters and eRecord and iRecord for county recorders.



With ePrepare, digital documents are prepared in accordance with SMART document standards, embedded with digital or digitized signatures and notaries, and attached with electronic payment. Documents that originate on paper, such as loan closing documents, are scanned into ePrepare and placed into their proper recording order. ePrepare integrates with all leading loan servicing, title, escrow, document management and recording applications. In fact, CSC is the only provider that offers end-to-end capabilities adaptable to virtually any submitter’s system output. Our solutions provide fully automated signing, notarization, delivery, recording, payment and return in conjunction with existing county recording systems.


eRecord receives the documents and, after an examination and validation review, processes them according to each recording office’s established business rules. Endorsement and receipt information is electronically embedded in the documents, along with the recorder’s digital signature. Documents are then returned to the submitter electronically as officially recorded documents. eRecord adapts to different rules, fees and state legislation requirements for county recorders.

Reasons to use CSC

CSC offers the leading electronic document recording solution on the market today. Our system reduces processing costs and time requirements while improving the accuracy of your data.

Because ePrepare and eRecord use open platform technologies, they integrate easily with your your existing solutions, allowing you to capitalize on previous technology investments. When fully integrated, the electronic document recording process takes only seconds to complete.

Our eRecording team is actively involved with PRIA and MISMO to ensure that our platform is compliant with existing and emerging standards. CSC supports general industry standards, such as those from the World Wide Web Consortium and industry-specific organizations such as MBA, NACRC, IACREOT and REFSMO. Our security and operational procedures have been audited and accepted by some of the largest financial institutions in the U.S.

We work with directly with county recorders and nearly all the major county recording system vendors. Our network of partners has integrated their recording systems with our services, allowing their customers to enjoy all the benefits of our electronic document recording system.