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Ingeo Expands Electronic Recording Reach to Winnebago County Wisconsin

12/9/2005 12:00:00 AM

Ingeo Systems Inc., the nation’s number one provider of electronic recording technology, has expanded its reach in Wisconsin to include Winnebago County. “With Ingeo’s technology, we are eliminating paper from the recording process, improving customer service and posting significant savings in both time and money,” said Julie Pagel, Winnebago County’s Register of Deeds. “My office is committed to continuous improvement in our systems and we are very pleased to have found the most technologically advanced document-processing solution with Ingeo eRecord™.”

Winnebago County is the tenth county in Wisconsin to implement Ingeo eRecord, a service that enables the county recording office to accept electronic real estate documents for official recording. “We are delighted that Winnebago County has joined major counties across the nation that are using Ingeo eRecord to process tens of thousands of electronic documents per month,” said Karl Klessig, Ingeo’s CEO. Many of the nation’s leading mortgage lenders are using Ingeo ePrepare™ for the electronic recording of mortgage documents. “No other service has the complete end-to-end capability that flexibly integrates with both country land records systems and virtually any submitter’s system output and provides fully automated signing, notarization, delivery, recording, payment and return,” Klessig explained.

Ingeo is prepared to assist any county in implementing an electronic recording solution, regardless of budget or technology constraints. “We continue to evolve our technology to enable all recorders to take advantage of the benefits of electronic recording,” Klessig said. “With the release of our latest Ingeo eRecord version, there isn’t a county in the U.S. that can’t take advantage today of our electronic document recording capability.

Ingeo worked with Fidlar Software to integrate Ingeo eRecord with Fidlar’s iDocument XF system. “Working with Fidlar and Ingeo, Winnebago County benefits from faster turn-around time and more accurate information,” said Scott Moore, Director of Sales and Marketing at Fidlar. “Fidlar and Ingeo are working closely with Winnebago County’s information technology staff and the Register of Deeds staff to ensure the integrity and quality of all documents electronically recorded,”

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