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Ingeo: The Responsible Choice

10/9/2008 12:00:00 AM

In the mortgage processing industry, the sheer amount of paper, ink and fossil fuels used to transport documents back and forth is staggering. In recent years the public has become increasingly aware of the hazardous impact we all have on the earth when we participate in mindless consumption. In an effort to reduce consumption, a company must analyze the options.

“For years now, Trustee Services Inc (TSI) has been proactive in reducing the environmental impact our industry generates,” said Daniel Ormerod, President of Trustee Services, Inc. “In addition to enabling our company to process greater volumes of information while simultaneously controlling rising operating costs, e-recording provides TSI with the ability to better manage our environmental impact, and that of our clients.”

Let's face the facts: Reduction of consumption is Good but Elimination is Best.

By choosing Ingeo Systems to electronically process documents, companies not only save time and money - both valuable commodities in today’s world - but also eliminate much of the wasteful footprint they leave on the earth. “In this fast paced world of paper flow and information management, one must position themselves on the leading edge to be both competitive and responsible,” said Ormerod. Saving time and money is good business. Leaving the world a better place for our grandchildren is responsible business.

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