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Ingeo's Transactions Increase Despite Downturn in Mortgage Industry

11/1/2007 12:00:00 AM

Ingeo’s electronic document recording transactions increased nearly 31 percent in 2007 despite a downturn in industry averages of more than 30 percent. “In 2008, we’re planning to double our current monthly transaction count,” said Karl Klessig, Ingeo’s CEO. In 2007, Ingeo continued to expand its alliances with technology and business partners, which now number 34. “We’re negotiating contracts with others and expect this number to grow by 25 percent during the first half of 2008,” Klessig explained. “We also plan to expand our base of submitters by 30 percent in 2008.” This growth, in conjunction with Ingeo’s rapid expansion into more counties and states, points to a year of exponential growth for the company.

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