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Aptitude Solutions Partners with Ingeo and Broward County, Florida to E-Record Using New Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) Standards

3/3/2004 12:00:00 AM

Broward County, Florida is taking advantage of the flexibility of Aptitude Solutions’ OnCore Recording System to accept and record documents electronically in a variety of industry-standard formats. Aptitude Solutions and Broward County, long-time business partners, have been working with Ingeo, an e-recording service provider, to accept Level II electronic documents, consisting of TIFF images and accompanying XML indexing data. In the first week, 406 documents have been recorded. Documents are prepared by the customer and the package is bundled through Ingeo’s software which combines the image and the XML data and applies a digital signature. The package is then sent over a secure connection to Broward County Records Division, through a county-provided web service. The electronic document flows directly into OnCore recording software, after being unwrapped, edit checked and acknowledged. Full recording takes place in a matter of minutes, after which the customer receives immediate notification detailing complete transaction fees and document recording information. Electronically recorded documents are immediately available for internal and Internet searches. Broward County is also capable, through Aptitude Solutions’ Applause e-recording software, of recording electronic documents received in PDF/XML format and also XHTML.

On Thursday, March 4, 2004, E-Cloz, a title company Trusted Business Partner from Pembroke Pines, Florida, recorded a full closing package consisting of mortgage, deed, accompanying DR219 tax form, and affidavit, in PDF/XML format. By mid-April, Broward expects to be e-recording child support enforcement liens in XHTML format, making Aptitude Solutions’ OnCore and Applause software the first to accommodate all three PRIA standard formats. These same procedures and technologies can be used with inter-office departments in the courthouse through Aptitude Solutions’ Ovation, a Court Document Management System. The Ovation System is currently installed at Bay and Walton Counties and is scheduled to go Live in Okaloosa County in the upcoming weeks. These counties scan Court Documents into Ovation and electronically submit them to OnCore for recording. Aptitude Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Pioneer Title Insurance Company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of The PMI Group, Inc. (NYSE: PMI).

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