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Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Recorder's Office Accepting Electronically Recorded Documents

9/18/2002 12:00:00 AM

Steve McDonald, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania recorder announced today the availability of paperless electronic document recording in the Lancaster county recorder's office, joining nine recording offices across the nation. The recently installed Ingeo Electronic Recording System allows mortgage servicers to prepare and submit digital lien releases to the Lancaster county recorder without using a single piece of paper. The electronically-submitted documents are automatically processed without any human intervention, reducing processing time to an average of 45 seconds. The Lancaster county recorder's office has successfully recorded 344 documents as of September 18, 2002. As a leader in initiating national standards, and an active member in national recorders associations, McDonald has been on the forefront of digital document automation efforts. His experience and education position him as an industry expert in recording office automation. "Electronic recording allows government to become more efficient in their internal processing," said McDonald. "It is the most resourceful use of taxpayer dollars." The new electronic recording capabilities are completely integrated with the county's current backend system, CRIS + plus, from Tyler Technologies', Eagle Computer Systems (Eagle) Division. To allow integration a unique XML-based integration plan was created. Rather than integrating code or sharing a common database, document data is exchanged through the use of XML tags. This integration solution is very unique and a credit to Ingeo and Eagle for working together to find the best solution for their common client. The recorder's office invited Bank of Lancaster County, a subsidiary of Sterling Financial Corporation, to participate in submitting electronic satisfactions. Each document submitted was prepared using Ingeo's ePrepare web-based service. The documents were digitally signed and notarized and then transferred electronically to the county's eRecord server. "We feel it is important to support government automation efforts," says Thomas Welk, senior vice president and director of operations at Sterling Financial Corporation. "Our economy can only benefit from moving forward with technology aimed at reducing costs for consumers. Our subsidiary, Bank of Lancaster County, has been electronically satisfying liens on automobile titles for about two years now. Electronically satisfying mortgage liens was a logical next step for us." Ingeo uses advanced digital document technology based on the industry's SMART document standards, endorsed by national recording, banking, and mortgage industries. Secure communication standards keep all document interactions and transmission private. Digital signatures verify document content and signer identity, providing important non-repudiation for submitted records.

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