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Riverside County, California records thousands of tax liens electronically

11/3/2001 12:00:00 AM

Gary Orso, Riverside County assessor/clerk-recorder, announced today the successful implementation of Ingeo's Electronic Recording System to speed up the filing of tax liens between the county tax collector's office and the county recorder's office. A total of 6,923 paperless tax liens were filed between October 11 and October 30. Using Ingeo's ePrepare, the Treasurer-Tax Collector's office created and transmitted the liens electronically. At the recorder's office, each lien was automatically processed through Ingeo's eRecord server and the data was distributed to Eagle's CRIS+Plus indexing and archiving system. Recording information was returned electronically, automatically updating the property tax records. The new system required just 44 seconds, on average, to record and process each document. The property system normally generates between 6,000-8,000 liens in October and another 6,000-8,000 in May of each year. Smaller quantities are generated monthly throughout the year. Paul McDonnell, the Riverside treasurer-tax collector said, "In the past, we sent cases of paper documents to the recorder's office. Much of our effort was duplicated as both county offices entered the same information into different data systems. Now, liens are recorded quickly and efficiently, with no duplicated effort and greater accuracy."

The work began by processing batches of 20, then 200, then several hundred. "At one point, we recorded 1240 documents in a single day", Orso said. An additional benefit of the new automated system was the expanded work hours available. The computer could keep working, even when the office staff had gone home, recording documents until almost midnight one evening. The opportunity to offer this new capability originated through the county's existing recording data system vendor, Eagle Computer Systems of Colorado, following a successful e-recording Ingeo/Eagle pilot project in Thurston County, Washington. Eagle approached Riverside with a similar automation proposal, and the county quickly understood the advantages of electronic recording. David Kunkel, vice president and director of research and development of Eagle Computer Systems, says, "Based on volume and format standards, we settled on the tax lien as the most beneficial document to automate in the initial phase of this project."

Ingeo and Eagle collaborated to integrate the recording and data systems, resulting in a fully automated recording and processing solution. The tax collector's office used existing data entry systems to prepare electronic files containing the tax lien information. The files were then submitted in batches to Ingeo's ePrepare, a web-based application that created and submitted individual electronic tax liens. The new tools reduce document preparation time to approximately one second per document. The electronic documents were received at the county recorder's office through the Ingeo eRecord server, which reviewed the documents and content based on the state recording criteria. eRecord then electronically endorsed the liens and distributed the information to the Eagle system which indexed and archived the recorded documents. Recording information was returned to the tax collector's office, automatically updating the tax records. The entire recording process was completed in a matter of minutes. "At Riverside, we see the future of internal government transactions," says Todd Hougaard, Ingeo's CEO. "Instead of using valuable time to move forests of paper, information is moved electronically, saving resources and increasing efficiency."

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