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Salt Lake County Records First Ever Electronic "Smart Document"

6/20/2000 12:00:00 AM

The Salt Lake County Recorder's Office completed the first-ever paperless recording of a real estate document today. The new technology will decrease the time spent by the Salt Lake County Recorder's Office to process a document, thereby reducing costs. The new technology creates a legally binding "smart document" that can be securely signed and transferred electronically, then indexed immediately. The "smart document" now allows a computer to read and translate information. In the past, a document could be transferred electronically, but had to be printed on paper and the information entered by hand because the computer could not interpret the data. Nancy Workman, Salt Lake County Recorder, received transmissions from three major title companies: Merrill Title Company, First American Title Insurance company, and Metro National Title. Previously, it took the Salt Lake County Recorder's Office three days to process a document - now it will take a matter of seconds. The documents were transmitted, digitally recorded and digitally signed by Workman. The document was then immediately forwarded to their indexing department where it was automatically abstracted, stored and returned to the title company. "We have adopted cutting edge technology for county recorders," said Workman. "Utah led the way with its digital signature legislation in 1995.

The Senate has followed suit by passing a bill that gives digital signatures the same legal status as a written document. I am extremely proud that our office is the technology leader among county recorders nationwide." This new technology has been developed during the last two years, according to Andrew Harper, technology administrator for the Salt Lake County Recorder's Office. The intent is to simplify and accelerate the transmission, indexing and storage of property records. Ingeo has worked closely with the Salt Lake County Recorder's Office and is supporting the transaction with their secure e-commerce technology. The security process will notify the County Recorder's Office of any changes that have occurred to the document when it is received. If changes have occurred, the signature detects them within the document and rejects the document from the process, returning it to the sender. Todd Hougaard, CEO of Ingeo, said, "Ingeo is excited to be partnering with the Salt Lake County Recorder's Office in this endeavor.

Our technology allows the county to receive and process legally binding, digital real estate documents. This is helping to set standards for the real estate industry and county recorders as business transactions are conducted over the Internet." USERTrust Inc., Digital Signature Trust Company (DST), and ARCANVS have contributed to the security by providing digital certificates that allow digital signatures to be married to each document. Participants attended a press conference at 10:00 a.m. in the Salt Lake County Recorder's Office. They discussed the technology and performed the first transmission, followed by a question and answer session. The Salt Lake County Recorder's Office will hold a training sessions for all who are interested on June 26. Gary Ott can be contacted at (801) 468-3682 for more information.

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