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Ingeo’ iRecord Brings e-Recording to ALL Counties
New Web Application Offers Streamlined, Simple Approach

4/13/2010 12:00:00 AM

Ingeo Systems, Inc., the nation’s number one provider of electronic document recording technology, has released its newest product offering, Ingeo iRecord™, a web application that provides electronic recording to nonintegrated and smaller counties. “With Ingeo iRecord, County Recorders that have no Land Records Management System (LRMS), are not ready to have electronic delivery integrated with their systems, or have only filing capability now can enjoy the speed, efficiency and cost savings of electronic delivery of documents and payments through Ingeo’s Electronic Document Recording System,” said Karl Klessig, Ingeo’s CEO.

With this new capability, County Recorders can visit Ingeo’s website (, view details about the new offering, sign up online, and get connected with Ingeo’s iRecord guide who will walk them through the steps of setting up their configuration requirements. “Once set up, the process is easy,” Klessig said. “We’ve designed the user interface to be simple and straightforward. After initial setup, the County Recorder logs in with a secure username and password by going to Ingeo’s website and clicking on iRecord to start the process.”

After logging in, the County Recorder reviews the county’s work list and selects a document to record. From the screen, the County Recorder will examine the document for authenticity and accuracy, review the fees, and enter the recordation information. The document is electronically endorsed or stamped with the county recordation information and returned to the submitting party. The County Recorder can print and/or save the endorsed image(s) for internal processing or archiving. All recording fees and payments are handled electronically.

Ingeo iRecord has been designed so it can operate in dual recordation mode. One is for nonintegrated counties, where the county is responsible for entering all the recording information. The other is for counties that use a LRMS, which automatically provides this recordation information. Both options provide counties with fast, accurate and efficient electronic document delivery and return that saves both time and money. In addition, the county can add annotations and can automatically route the document to several review steps or stations, such as an assessor’s review.

This streamlined, simple approach provides a solution that requires fewer touch points, yet allows the county to deal with the document as they would a paper document. The screens are designed to be user friendly for easy interaction. “This new capability requires no system integration until the county wants it integrated,” Klessig explained. “All information, such as types of documents, template requirements and contacts is input through the interface.”

Ingeo is the nation’s largest e-recording service. The company’s county network covers more than twice the population of any other e-recording vendor. Ingeo offers a wide variety of solutions to meet the needs of both submitter and county customers, and is the only vendor that offers integrated submitter solutions that feature system-to-system data exchange. Ingeo’s superior technology, innovation, flexibility, and nationwide reach result in the greatest e-recording cost savings available to submitters and counties alike.

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