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Ingeo’s Growth Program Continues to Outpace Industry Competition

6/17/2005 12:00:00 AM

Ingeo, the nation’s number one provider of electronic document recording technology, announced today that with its focused growth program, the company continues to outpace all competitors in the electronic document recording industry. Ingeo services more submitters and county recorders than any other company in the industry. “We are very pleased that Ingeo’s recent growth continues to position the company as the electronic document recording leader,” said Karl Klessig, Ingeo’s CEO. “We have confirmation that in any given month, Ingeo processes more documents than all other recording organizations combined.”

Since 1996, Ingeo has helped businesses and government agencies across the nation increase efficiencies and save time and money by providing secure electronic document solutions. Today, Ingeo delivers the most advanced, cost effective, legally compliant and efficient solution for recording all types of electronic documents at all levels of recording. The company is headed by an experienced management team and recently added a new Vice President of Product Development, Robert Smith, who came from Symantec Corporation where he served as Senior Director of Engineering. “Already Robert has contributed a great deal to the company,” said Klessig. “In addition to directing our many installations and upgrades, in the past weeks he has added four new developers to our team who will help keep up with the demands of our many customers.”

Ingeo’s products enable electronic recording of documents by facilitating their preparation, execution, management, validation, payment and recording. Able to handle many complexities, Ingeo’s Electronic Document Recording System adapts to different types of documents, processes and workflow functions. Ingeo has created its Electronic Document Recording System with two parts, Ingeo eRecord for county recorders and Ingeo ePrepare for submitters.

eRecord receives the documents and, after an examination and validation review, processes each document according to established business rules in each recording office. Endorsement and receipt information is electronically embedded into the document, along with the recorder’s digital signature, and is returned to the submitter electronically as an officially recorded document. Using configurable business rules, eRecord adapts to different recording requirements, fee structures and state legislation required within various recording jurisdictions.

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