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New Technology Improves Customer Service at Register of Deeds Office

6/17/2004 12:00:00 AM

Now, in a matter of seconds, participating customers—primarily financial institutions—can submit certain real estate documents and receive the electronic notice of filing in a matter of minutes. Previously, the documents were reviewed, imaged, mailed and filed manually—a process that took days. This pilot, sparked by a cooperative effort between the Register of Deeds and Wachovia Bank, is proving that electronic recording saves customer time and improves efficiency. Mecklenburg is the first county in North Carolina to offer this service. “I am very excited that our efforts to bring technological and legislative change have resulted in this success,” said Gibson. “This is the first step toward my vision of electronic recording and customer service in Mecklenburg County.” Wachovia has already successfully filed hundreds of mortgage satisfaction transactions with Mecklenburg County, according to Sybille Sauerbrun, Sr. Vice-President at Wachovia. “Judy Gibson has to be congratulated for her vision and sheer determination in successfully blazing the trail to make e-mortgage release processing a reality,” said Sauerbrun. “With the recent spike in refinancing and mortgage demands, electronic recording is expected to make a major contribution in enhancing the service experience for customers.” The system used for electronic recording became possible when Gibson brought together two technology vendors, Ingeo Systems of Logan, Utah, and Hart Intervicic of Austin, Texas. This partnership blended new signature and security programming with the existing on-line records to make a seamless electronic environment possible. While the pilot is limited to certain types of documents, Gibson said the Register of Deeds Office expects to expand the service to accept other documents in the near future. As it happens, Gibson sees additional customers participating in the electronic filing process. “Once customers see how fast and easy e-recording can be, I am sure they will want to try this new service.”

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