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Rekon Technologies and Ingeo announce product integration

10/21/2002 12:00:00 AM

Rekon Technologies, maker of Rekon2000 and Rekon95 software systems for creating electronically prepared releases and assignments, announced today the nearly completed integration project with Ingeo's Electronic Recording System. The combination of these products provides Rekon clients direct access to electronic document recording bringing increased value to the creation and submission of high volumes of non-origination documents, such as releases and assignments. "This solution translates to the savings of real processing time and money for our clients," said Tina Lindsey, Rekon Technologies first vice president. "With the current refinance boom and the volumes of paper documents being processed, the added availability of automated processing adds great value to our current product suite." Integration of Ingeo's ePrepare solution allows Rekon clients to sign, notarize, attach electronic payment, and submit digital documents to counties for official recordation. Recorded documents are electronically returned to the Rekon system with the TIFF images, XML data, and payment information. Secure transmissions insure document integrity throughout the process. Through each stage of the preparation and recording process, digital documents are able to move effortlessly between people for review and approval. Ingeo uses advanced digital document technology based on mortgage industry standards, endorsed by national recording, banking, and mortgage industries. Secure communication standards keep all document interactions and transmissions private. Digital signatures verify document content and signer identity, providing important non-repudiation for submitted records. "The addition of electronic recording capabilities to Rekon's existing services, now provides Rekon clients with a seamless integration to connected counties," said Todd Hougaard, Ingeo president. "Ingeo's existing electronic bridge to connected county recording offices provides the link essential for secure electronic transmission and guaranteed document integrity."

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