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Ingeo announces government-to-government recording solution

7/15/2002 12:00:00 AM

Todd Hougaard, Ingeo president and CEO, announced the availability of gRecord, a new government-centered recording solution, designed to prepare, transmit, and record documents within government organizations. "As counties have explored the benefits of electronic recording, many have expressed the desire to begin with smaller and simpler projects," said Hougaard. "One area of continued interest is the electronic recording and processing of internal government documents such as tax liens." Ingeo has responded by creating gRecord, an easy-to-use electronic recording solution in the eRecord product family. By simplifying the process and reducing the requirements and price, Ingeo has made electronic recording a viable option for many more counties. The smaller system results in faster installation and easier integration with existing county data systems. gRecord allows government entities to prepare and submit standards-compliant electronic documents for automated recording and processing. The new system is based on the same technology, standards, and security used in Ingeo's market leading Electronic Recording System, providing a full range of benefits on a smaller scale. Since gRecord is part of Ingeo's electronic recording family, counties can upgrade at any time to include external submission and recording of land records. "We have been talking with recorders throughout the country," said Hougaard. "gRecord is where many of them want to begin as they move along the path to electronic recording."

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