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TrustID certificates secure Ingeo Electronic Recording System

11/12/2001 12:00:00 AM

Todd Hougaard, Ingeo president and CEO announced Ingeo's compliance with the TrustID digital signature standard recently endorsed by both the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) and the American Bankers Association (ABA). The recent announcement underscores the banking industry's commitment to digital signatures as a means of forwarding electronic commerce applications. Ingeo is one of the first to use the TrustID certificates from Digital Signature Trust (DST) to authorize and validate digital documents within the electronic recording industry. "The recent agreement between the MBA and the ABA validates our longstanding association with DST and their TrustID system," says Hougaard. "Using the TrustID certificates ensures the acceptance of our digital documents by the nation's two leading banking organizations." TrustID certificates verify the identity of a person or business conducting transactions over the Internet. The identity is guaranteed by the established policies and practices of today's banking industry. The certificates are used to digitally sign electronic documents, creating a legally binding digital signature. The use of digital signatures allows the recipient of the signed contract to validate not only the identity of the signer, but also the integrity of the document's content, resulting in secure, reliable e-commerce transactions. The Ingeo Electronic Recording System is a two-part application used to create, authorize, validate, and distribute legally binding business transactions using digital documents. Current applications bridge the gap between mortgage servicers and county recording offices, allowing real estate documents to be prepared, submitted, and recorded electronically in seconds. Automating these traditionally paper-based processes saves business, government, and consumers time and money.

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