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Orange County, California, Clerk-Recorder's office to install additional electronic recording capabilities

9/4/2001 12:00:00 AM

Gary Granville, Orange County, California Clerk-Recorder announced today the execution of a contract with Ingeo and SouthTech Systems, Inc., to deploy the Ingeo Electronic Recording System in the county's land document recording offices. Ingeo's Electronic Recording System provides paperless digital recording, automating the process of document preparation, submission, and recording. The new technology will enable Orange County's local and national mortgage industry customers to electronically process lien releases in minutes. Working with SouthTech Systems, the county's recording systems provider, the new electronic recording system will integrate seamlessly with current county recording systems. The new installation will build upon existing digital recording options that are part of SouthTech Systems' Internet-Electronic Recording system (I-ER). I-ER currently accepts and records digitized real estate documents, which are scanned from paper originals. The system has been active for four years, recording 1.2 million scanned documents. Integrating I-ER with Ingeo's Electronic Recording System eliminates the scanning process along with manual data entry requirements. The additional automation significantly increases Orange County's electronic recording capacity. The Orange County recording offices process approximately 2,000 lien release documents each week. "The volume, standardized format, and consistent data types make this document ideal for automation," says Granville. "I am very excited to take this next step in electronic recording-improving service to all our constituents, while still keeping pace with our ever-growing real estate markets." Ingeo's Electronic Recording System allows mortgage servicers to prepare and submit digital lien releases to the Orange County recorder without using a single piece of paper. The electronically submitted documents are automatically processed at the county without any human intervention for almost-instant recording. Ingeo uses advanced digital document technology based on mortgage industry standards and endorsed by both the national and local recording industries. Secure communication standards keep all document interactions and transmissions private. Digital signatures verify document content and signer identity, providing important non-repudiation for submitted records. Notary requirements are satisfied using CryptoNotary signatures, adding yet another layer of validation. "Electronic recording creates a more efficient process, allowing for faster feedback and more accurate recording in less time, and contributes to the goal of totally digital electronic mortgage transactions," according to Todd Hougaard, Ingeo CEO. "The increased efficiency and accuracy has the potential to significantly reduce both origination and servicing costs, saving money for all parties."

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