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Thurston First in Washington to Record Digital Documents

6/7/2001 12:00:00 AM

Kim Wyman, Thurston County Auditor, announced today that Thurston County's recording office is now accepting and recording digital reconveyance (lien release) documents. Thurston will soon complete a successful electronic recording pilot project utilizing Ingeo's Electronic Recording System, integrated with Eagle Computer Systems CRIS+plus recording and imaging system. During the pilot period, it is expected that 250 reconveyance documents will be digitally prepared, filed, and recorded. As a member of the Washington Electronic Recording Task Force - created by the Washington State Association of County Auditors - Thurston County undertook an assignment to investigate electronic recording solutions. Thurston saw electronic recording as a key automation opportunity, allowing them to record more documents with less time and effort. The increased efficiency will save time and money for both the county and its constituents. "In our ongoing efforts to efficiently serve our customers, we have always been on the forefront of technology," says Wyman. "We saw electronic recording as a great step forward, allowing us to process the constantly increasing flow of documents more efficiently and at a lower cost."

Thurston County selected Ingeo as the provider of the electronic recording system for their pilot project. Ingeo worked hand in hand with Thurston staff and Eagle Computer Systems to develop the interface to CRIS+plus, the county's existing recording, imaging, and archiving system. The interface allows documents to flow seamlessly from origination to recording to archives. The electronic documents are signed, and endorsed using digital certificates issued by Digital Signature Trust Co. The notary function is handled using CryptoNotary certificates issued by ARCANVS. The result is an electronic record that is easier to prepare, faster to submit and more efficient to process, yet still retains the security, trust, and legal enforceability of a paper document. Ingeo's Electronic Recording System follows the same processes as traditional recording, without using a single piece of paper. Three title companies are participating in the pilot project - Chicago Title Insurance Company, Pioneer Title Company, and Transnation Title Insurance Company. The title companies prepare the digital documents using Ingeo's ePrepare web-based service. The documents are digitally signed and notarized and then transferred electronically to the county's eRecord server. Once received, the documents are electronically examined, fees are assessed and the document is endorsed automatically. The recorded documents are returned to the originator along with an electronic receipt. Ingeo's Electronic Recording System is fully integrated with the existing Eagle Computer Systems CRIS+plus recording and imaging system so the recorded data is automatically indexed and archived without additional human intervention.

The entire process can now be completed in seconds. To celebrate the success of this new service, Thurston County is holding an open house and press conference at 10:00 a.m. June 7, 2001 in the Thurston County Auditor's Recording Office, located at 2000 Lakeridge Drive SW in Olympia Washington. During the open house, Thurston will record the 150th document. Participants will discuss the technology and get a first-hand look at the e-recording process, followed by a question and answer session.

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