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New Requirement for Firms Submitting Electronic Documents in Wisconsin

8/3/2009 12:00:00 AM

The Wisconsin Electronic Recording Council has instituted a new administrative rule that requires electronic recording service providers and entities that file documents through an electronic service provider to execute a Trusted Submitter Application and Agreement (TSA).

Ingeo has executed the TSA and received approved from the Wisconsin Council. If your firm utilizes Ingeo to process and submit electronic documents to counties in Wisconsin for recordation, please do the following:

Electronic Recording Council
c/o Secretary's Office - Attn. Donna Sorenson
Department of Administration
101 E. Wilson Street
PO Box 7864
Madison, WI 53707-7864

The Wisconsin Electronic Recording Council will review the Trusted Submitter Applications and notify submitters of their approval. An approval allows your firm to submit electronic documents into any Wisconsin county that accepts electronic documents for e-recording. The form requires submitters to fill in a State ID. If the entity is registered in Wisconsin it can reference a Wisconsin DFI organization number, a bank charter number, a title company licensing number, or a state Bar Number. Out of state companies not registered in Wisconsin can use a state registration number or business license number from the state in which they are domiciled.

The form also asks submitters to list 2 - 3 Registers of Deeds as references in counties in which they record. Here is the link to the Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association website which lists all the Registers of Deeds:

Our submitters should fill in ‘Ingeo’ on the application to reference the ‘document preparation system or e-closing platform’.

There’s no deadline per se but submitters are asked to return the executed applications as soon as possible.

The Wisconsin Electronic Recording Council provided the following background:

ERCWIS, created by the Wisconsin state legislature in 2005 Act 421, was charged to develop administrative rules and guidance on implementing electronic recording of land documents by WRDA members. The past two years the Council has met monthly and worked diligently to set standards for eRecording in Wisconsin, with the culmination being the adoption of Admin Rule 70.

A document or trusted submitter is defined as the entity who is submitting the document directly to the Register of Deeds or who submits to a software company and that company in turn submits to the Register of Deeds.

The Trusted Submitter Application (TSA) addresses two important steps. One, it allows the Council to observe who is intending to use the system, and to monitor for applicants who may have malicious intentions. Two, it allows the Council to make sure that trusted submitters have been made aware of the process and the security requirements of Admin Rule 70.

The TSA is required to be filed with ERCWIS, not with each individual county. Through this application with ERCWIS, a trusted submitter is authorized to record the documents electronically in the State of Wisconsin.

The ERCWIS will maintain a website where Registers as well as Vendors may access to view who has been authorized to record documents in Wisconsin.

Please contact for more information or Jim DeGaetano, VP/Central Regional Manager at (630) 832-3308 or

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