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Scott County, Minnesota Launches Electronic Recording Capability

2/21/2007 12:00:00 AM

Scott County, Minnesota, Ingeo Systems, Inc., the nation’s number one provider of electronic document recording technology, and TriMin Systems, Inc., a leading provider of Land Records Management solutions, announced today the successful implementation of the county’s electronic document recording system, a service that enables the Office of the County Recorder to accept electronic real estate documents for official recording.

Ingeo’s Electronic Document Recording System submits documents from local, regional and national submitters to Scott County’s electronic recording system, which was developed by TriMin Government Solutions. Scott County then validates the documents to ensure they are acceptable according to Minnesota standards and records them in their Land Records management system. “Scott County has always striven to provide the most efficient and responsive customer service to our residents,” said Scott County Recorder Pat Boeckman. “This new technology will allow us to make the kind of process improvements needed to help us realize our vision to be the best public service provider in the business.”

Karl Klessig, Ingeo’s CEO, said that the partnership between Ingeo and TriMin brings Scott County the most advanced and secure electronic document recording capability in the country. “With this implementation, Scott County has joined major counties across the nation that are saving time and costs with electronic recording.” He continued, “Through Ingeo’s Electronic Document Recording System, Scott County has access to a majority of the national submitters, including six of the top ten and the majority of the top 30 lending institutions in the U.S. This is in addition to regional and local submitters in counties where Ingeo has county recording available.”

Bill Mori, president of TriMin Government Solutions, said, ”Scott County is able to receive, validate and record electronic real estate documents without ever touching a piece of paper. TriMin’s LightHouse system integrates seamlessly with the county’s existing Land Records Management system to record electronic documents from local and national submitters. This technology enables counties to efficiently and accurately record a large number of documents in very little time.”

In addition to the many submitters that Ingeo lists as customers, the company works with nearly all the major county recording system vendors, and now has nearly 20 partners that have integrated their county recording systems with Ingeo, allowing their county customers to benefit from Ingeo’s electronic document recording system. When fully deployed, this will represent more than 450 counties across the nation, representing more than 50 percent of the population that has access to electronic document recording capabilities. Ingeo’s Electronic Document Recording System reduces processing costs and time while improving data accuracy. In any given month Ingeo processes more documents than all other recording organizations combined.

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